How To Makeout To Drive A Girl Wild


Making out is always a blast and something to look forward too.  Chances, are the girl you’re with is just as stoked as you are. I’m assuming in this section that you have already started with short kisses, even if it was less than an hour ago. Here are some tips on how to makeout to ratchet up her attraction level for you.

  • Make sure you have good breath. Brush your teeth, suck on a mint, chomp on some gum, swish some water — do whatever it takes (especially in the early dating stage of a relationship) to make sure your breath is fresh.
  • Being unpredictable, playful, and a bit of challenge when kissing can really amp up how much she’ll want you. Turn kissing into a game. Kiss her with some vigor, then back off…lightly kiss her cheek a bit. Go in for the next round of kissing, and as you go in pull away a little right before shes about to kiss you and smile. Do this a few times and if you did it right she will probably grab your head and kiss you while laughing
  • Don’t turn her face into a saliva slip and slide. If you feel yourself starting to excessively salivate try swallowing it, or mixing in pecks on the lips, neck, cheek, ear, nose etc. so you can close your mouth for a bit.  This should help you stave off the saliva fountain for a bit.
  • Make sure you’re not using your tongue like a snake sniffing out some fresh food.  Slow it down, take long deep licks of her tongue, speed it up a little then go super slow. Explore her mouth, lick underneath her upper lip, suck on her lips, suck on her tongue, get creative and have some fun with kissing her.
  • Don’t forget to use your hands, cup her face with one hand, or both hands.  Stick your hand deep into her hair and give it a little pull and grin.  Keep your hands moving and exploring to make it a more stimulating experience, but make sure you move slowly and with at least a little grace.


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  1. Amanda
    1708 days ago

    The face cupping or hair holding is a key component.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..The top 5 most interesting/ridiculous reasons I’ve been dumped. =-.

  2. Ryan
    959 days ago

    Nice article. It really helped me pass over my issues on how to make out with a girl. Thanks.