How To Not Be Socially Awkward


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If you often have trouble creating close and meaningful relationships with friends or girls you meet, you may be doing some things that make you appear socially awkward. Here are some ways to not be socially awkward.

1. Nothing is more awkward than a nervous, shy, and un-friendly person.  Adopt a sunny, (at least semi) extroverted outlook and befriend the world around you.  Make small talk (BS innocuous questions like “hows the weather?”)  with the people you see everyday. Slow down your gestures and move deliberately.

2. Learn how to be funny in a way that is actually funny. When you crack a joke, and no one laughs, just kind of looks at you funny, or gets pissed off, it’s probably time to work on this aspect of your game. Being funny and having a sense of humor is something that can be learned.

3. Embrace the gaps of silence in conversation. It’s perfectly normal to not be talking at all times. Being comfortable with the natural gaps in conversation is a big sign of a self-assured and high confidence person.

4. Avoid talking about anything too sexually crude, especially if it’s a woman you just started seeing. Remember, when your out on a date your not in the locker room or Barrens chat.

5. Avoid sharing stories that you should probably keep to yourself, like that time you screamed like a girl crapped yourself when you watch The Ring.

6. Don’t ask people questions that will put them on the spot or make them uncomfortable when you don’t know them well. When someone is with you, they want to remember having fun with you, not stress and weird questions.  If there is something you want to ask that you wouldn’t want to be asked, don’t ask it.


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  1. Amanda
    1716 days ago

    Sometimes pointing out that you’re socially awkward when you make a mistake and the woman is a little weirded out helps. I can’t tell you the number of times a guy has made me laugh or smile and opened up a whole new chain of conversation just by saying “Sorry, I’m so socially awkward, I know!!!”. Being able to laugh at yourself is always a plus

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  4. Jacob Bradley
    1540 days ago

    Great post, glad I found this blog. :)

  5. nirow
    1533 days ago

    Sorry bro, but tip #6 is absolutely wrong…

    If you ask unconfortable questions to a girl you never met, laughing, and showing you have a strong personality, it will be congruent, and so it will be natural and funny…and not nice guy-e which is acually what the girls hate more!

  6. Gary
    1533 days ago

    Yes, I agree that if you do it in a way that is not aggressive or standoffish it’s definitely good. But if you’re like stone faced and say in a first interaction “so at what age do you plan on getting married? how many kids?” too awkwardly, too early etc

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  25. shonda
    781 days ago

    I’m socially awkward and my mom doesn’t noe cause I don’t tell her and she wonders y I want to go to chuck e cheese for my 13 birthday soon and barbie dolls. I am but I act like I have so many friends wyn I don’t. I HATE MY SCHOOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!