How To Sext


Sexting has swept through the media like a whirlwind within the past couple years. Sexting is similar to phone sex, except you’re sending text messages and/or photos of your body or body parts.  It takes a bit of skill, just like successfully flirting with a girl to land her digits.

The main purpose of sexting is to get each other horny as shit so that next time you meet you’re ready to jump each other’s bones.  It’s fun, harmless (mostly), and is a great way to add some extra sex in a relationship.
Sexting is a fantastic way to build that anticipation that girls LOVE!

Sexting is a great way to flirt with a girl while you’re out and you don’t anyone else to know what you’re doing or you don’t want her to know you messed up you are when you’re out with your buddies.


If you want to give sexting a rip, follow the instructions below.

1.Make damn sure you have unlimited texting in your phone plan, you wouldn’t want a good sexting session to be ruined by an ugly phone bill at the end of the month.

2. Text the girl you want to flirt with a suggestive one liner. Make sure it’s not crude, leaves room for a retort from her, and definitely has sexual undertones.

What’s not going to cut it: “hey sexy”, “wats up”, “lets hav sex kthx”, “r u horny?”
What you should say: “you, me, wine, my place at 7?”, “thinking of your hot ass”, “dying to lick you”
3. When she responds (hopefully in a way that allows for some return fodder) continue with the text volleys while revving up the sexual tension.

4. If you choose to send a photo make sure it doesn’t have a picture of your face, god forbid things go south and you end up on the internet, at least there is no clear way to identify you.

5. If you do a decent job, things should go well the next time you meet, ideally that night if you planned things right.


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  1. hamid
    1068 days ago

    pls help me how sex whit woman

  2. Robert C. Lange
    1048 days ago

    It’s amazing how you know all these! Sometimes, sexting just works out. I don’t know though if it’s effective for everybody.

  3. Edward L. Love
    1013 days ago

    Haha! Tip #4 just cracked me up but it sure do have a whole good point! Should it anger your “sext-mate” in a way, your face won’t be posted all over the internet. Save yourself some respect, man.

  4. Michael S. Merryman
    1012 days ago

    Haha! I found tip # 3 a bit funny. There are just some times that it’s not that much interesting anymore. But the funny thing is, you still keep up with the sexual tension and all the flirting. It’s like you’re really, actually expecting something from it.

  5. Lamar P. Thompson
    1010 days ago

    Great advice and it’s fun to read, too. I find it a bit funny but I don’t know. I don’t really know much of sexting and how it totally words. At least, through this post, I got a grasp of its whole concept.

  6. Robert G. Lee
    1010 days ago

    Dude, take tip #1 seriously. Wouldn’t it be just a shame that you ran out of credits when you’re just at the peak of a great conversation? Or probably if you can’t get a phone plan, at least load up more and more.

  7. Kim S. Dooley
    1010 days ago

    These are really neat tips! And oh! Look at #5. It’s like a better-luck-next-time sign. But really, you’ll get the hang of it once you’ve been doing it for a while now.

  8. Edward L. Mcfadden
    1007 days ago

    Dude, you’re serious about this? This is just funny and fun. Maybe I would try this one… maybe. It’s just funny. Look at tip #2 and your examples. “Dying to lick you”? Are you quite sure with that?

  9. Dating
    968 days ago

    You’ve got great insights about dating, keep up the good work!

  10. Amy
    946 days ago

    Sext me if you like i have unlimited texting ;)

  11. Enrique
    886 days ago

    Are you sure with the pick-up lines? Cause’ I’ve sexted quite a few times, and never have I ever had an encounter with a girl, that actually liked the line “Dying to lick you” on first attempt. Try again, kthanks.

  12. Gary
    885 days ago

    Hey Enrique,

    Thanks for the comment — no def not as a pickup line, need to have built some rapport first before going that route.

  13. Chase
    837 days ago

    Bro, solid article, but I wish you went into more detail. I’m new to texting/sexting and am looking for tips. Any links for me? I just came from here But am looking for more info on this stuff!

  14. Gary
    832 days ago

  15. Chase
    826 days ago

    Thanks man! I’ll check it out…

  16. Geekysexter
    755 days ago


  17. Gary
    635 days ago

    you’re on this website ;)