How To Start A Flirty Text Conversation With Girls


Women love texting and in most cases, do it a hell of a lot more than guys.  It’s another great tool you can use to take your time formulate a flirty text conversation.  Texting should always be fun, to the point, and never serious.  These messages assume that you obviously already have a phone number.

Here are two easy ways to start a flirty text conversation.

In *most* cases she will reply back with some flirtatious banter.  If she doesn’t “get” that the message is humorous and fun, and is rather offended by it, she’s probably not a girl you want to hang out with anyway. This type of flirting is actually a really good filtering tool that you can use to quickly weed through girls who are worth your time and energy as they are intelligent and socially aware enough to understand teasing and playing.

Example #1

  • You: “Hey I saw a show and it reminded me of you.”  - If she’s fun and interested in you than you should get a response similar to this:
  • Her: “Oh Yeah?”
  • You: “Yeah, there was this girl with a massive handbag so big you could easily stuff a midget in it, reminded me of the one you have”

Example #2

  • You: “Hey, I’m willing to take you out again, but only if you promise not to spill your water all over the table this time…can you handle that??”
  • Her: “Ha, ha. I think I can try”
  • You: “I know no one’s perfect, but you’re gonna have to try to eat spill free this time or else you owe me” - This is a fun way to challenge and tease her – women love this stuff
  • Her: “Ha, ha. what would I owe you?” – When she starts asking questions its an indicator of interest.  You’re not obligated to immediately answer, it’s good to leave her hanging for a bit to stir the curiosity pot.
  • You: “Well, you’re going to have to wait to find out ;) 6:30 Wed. sound good?” Boom, you’ve asked her out in a fun way and dialed up the attraction dial.


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  1. Amanda
    1685 days ago

    Eh…….The first one would work on me, especially since I do carry the world’s largest purse. The second one I’d be annoyed by. I’m incredibly klutzy and do a lot of stupid stuff that all my friends and family make fun of me about. Just remember to keep it to a light ribbing and not a “you were the biggest spaz on the planet”.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Maybe this time, for the first time, love won’t hurry away =-.

  2. Gary
    1684 days ago

    I would make fun of you just like your family

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    1610 days ago

    Very usefull infomaction. Thank you.
    Keep it up

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    970 days ago

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